Winning through data?
- at Insights we optimize your business by boosting your data journey with the help of our platform Data Impact Navigator

Winning through data?
- at Insights we optimize your business by boosting your data journey with the help of our platform Data Impact Navigator

Our philosophy


What makes us unique?

Data Impact Navigator is a platform developed by our team that helps your company generate Data Strategy in a box and thrive. Thanks to that, we are able to identify data problems and provide rapid effects over just weeks rather than half or full years - fast, efficient and insightful solutions.

Still a bit in doubt? We’ve got your back - If needed, we can supplement your company with the expertise you need to deliver.


SOS International A/S
SOS International A/S

Case 2

  • An NGO with internation units needed a new data strategy. The purpose was to optimize the local use of data and analytics at the country level through centrally delivered self-service solutions from the Finance ara and secondly within operation.

  • Solution?
    Delivered a cross-organizational maturity of the organizational use of data and their level of ambition assessment followed by gap - analysis that was broken down into a roadmap.

Case 3

  • An international medico company needs a data and analytics strategy to build new capabilities to develop their business model to become more customer-centric.

  • Solution?
    The intelligent use of data is a prerequisite for the medico-company to deliver their long-term strategy which will result in growing into new customer segments and eventually also into other eco-systems where their services can be integrated as part of those eco systems.

Plans and Pricing

Choose your plan today. Get started now with the survey platform and adopt implantation support to all your needs – even if they change over time.


Free data
capability test

0 €/month


Your personal
expert coach

800 €/month


Data project

3.500 €/month


Data interim

10.000 €/month

Access your data capabilities in
a few hours not days or weeks

Track and deliver via software at
20% of norm-time vs. consultancy

Adopt standard data policy and
off the shelf data assets - don't
build from scratch

Accelerate your value from data
via advice from selected experts
2h/month 20h/month 70h/month

Our team

We are a network of highly specialized consultants who are passionate and experienced in their fields. With our network, you therefore get the best in class for solving your tasks.

Our team consists of highly skilled experts in management consulting, data driven services and business-development. Ernst and Nicolai are our daily external contacts and together have more than 40 years of experience with data and analytics in the financial sector and larger companies at home and abroad.

In order to make our team more international and diverse, we are proud to include students into our organisation. Thanks to that, we all learn from each other and create a unique workspace that is established on respect and gender equality.
We are proudly meeting 2 out of 17 UN Sustainable Goals

4 Education Quality 5 Gender Equality





We believe in

Flexible workforce - are you ready for your future?

Specialized to solve the task - what is your passion?

A strong culture - why not have fun while you work?

At you get

Competitive salary package

A fair salary package and other benefits are necessary if you want the data and analytics experts

Flexible workingspace

In the office or at home - except Monday and Friday, when you have to hang out with your lovely colleagues

Dynamic workplace

A dynamic workplace with nerds like you who love Power BI and create value for our customers

Friday bar

Work is not everything, and a good social fellowship is important to have a good life

Global workplace

We work globally - from onsite in Copenhagen to the entire world


Conferences on data and Power BI - We actually do it ourselves!

Free coffee

Who can live without coffee? :)

A desk and computer

You choose your equipment


We are always looking for new strong and experienced partners with the possibility of ownership. At the moment we are primarily looking for data architects and Microsoft Azure competencies . Connect with us via LinkedIn.