Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership

Do you have your transformational leadership team in place?

Welcome to the Leadership assessment

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Purpose and content: Transformational leaders inspire and motivate followers to achieve higher performance by appealing to their values and sense of purpose and facilitating wide-scale organizational change. The assessment gives you and your business a snapshot of the maturity of your leadership team which are tasked with transforming the organization to becoming more data driven. Your transformational leadership capabilities are compared to the market.

The leadership assessment consists of 5 dimensions each with 3 questions, addressing the process for developing a team with a strong data driven mindset that knows what it takes to realise a change in culture.

What do you get out of it? When you have completed the questionnaire, you will get a score for the transformational leadership index. There is a benchmark associated with your score (in brackets) so you can see your score relative to the market. Depending on your maturity there is a recommendation for what a typical next step may be, to increase the transformational leadership capabilities in your organization.